Up at an Ungodly Hour, Why Not Design?


So I actually think I might have made some progress. Of course it is 3am and I was woken up by a bronchial coughing fit. No fun of course.

What is fun is cssremix.com. Seeing 42 tiny thumbnails of the corner of sites, including logo, background, color, etc. is really inspiring. 

Still leaning towards the random bg/stylesheet generation, but I need to get everything placed properly on the page.  What would be on the randomly delivered sheet?

  • background
  • logo/header
  • nav color
  • possibly footer color
  • yeah also maybe the h3/h4 color

So what will I think about this version when I wake up for real to start the day?

If good, then next step – illustrator for the swirly background.


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