Cannonball Read #4: Trust No One


Trust No One was disappointing. After my first three reads that were written in complete sentences, this book seemed extra-sloppy.

Maybe the quick phrases were meant to drive the story along quickly, but the language really stood out. As poorly written. With a decent storyline.

Nick Horrigan has run from his past and is living a quiet life, when a SWAT team crashes into his apartment and drags him off to negotiate with a terrorist who is threatening to blow up a nuclear reactor. It turns out that Nick has a past, and it’s all about to come crashing back into his life.

Nick’s stepfather was murdered when Nick was 17, and the reasons for that death and the cover-up are finally revealed 17 years later. Politicians, members of the secret service, and a looming election all pressure Nick. Add in an ex-girlfriend, an estranged mother and a newly found stepsister, and you have the makings of a decent story.

Too bad it was poorly written.


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