Cannonball Read #13: Jericho’s Fall


Jericho’s Fall by Stephen L. Carter is a thriller that couldn’t pull all the pieces together. We have an old spy, on his deathbed, whose ex-girlfriend is drawn  back into his world to save him.  Carter packs the storyline with ulterior motives, backstories, and action, and the result is enjoyable… to a point.

Jericho Ainsley, former head of the CIA, lies dying.  His girlfriend, Beck DeForde, is summoned to his bedside.  But Ainsley is not reaching out to make amends and rekindle their May-December romance, he is drawing her back into his old world. Is it  Ainsley’s dementia or his carefully laid plot?  Add in his two adult daughters, one a media mogul, the other a nun, and you have lots of tension between the woman who their father threw their mother (and his career) away for and two adult women, unhappy with their lives.

No one is who they seem in this novel, and the twists and turns make the story fast paced and quite the page turner. The ending though, stumbles with lots of unanswered questions and loose ends.  Just what was in the garage? Was Ainsley the father of Beck’s child? And ultimately what is his final fate?

All in all, with the lack of answers, I would not recommend this book. If you’re desperate and have nothing else to read, it’s better than many (again I’m lookin’ at you, Four Corners of the Sky). Surely, though, you can do better.


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