Cannonball Read #15: Roadside Crosses


I really enjoyed Roadside Crosses by Jeffery Deaver. I’ve read Deaver’s Lincoln Rhyme novels before, but I don’t think that I’ve read any of this Kathryn Dance series. It’s an enjoyable, quick read.

A killer is leaving roadside memorials in Monterey, but these are placed in advance of killings and note specifics about the victims. Leads in the case direct Dance and her partner to a teenage boy, Travis Brigham. Travis had been driving in a fatal car accident, and he had been viciously attacked on a blog because of that accident. While under investigation, Travis disappears. Dance has to find Travis before it’s too late for his victims and Travis himself. Tracking Travis down becomes more complicated due to his experience in a popular MMORPG – he’s learned survival techniques and can fly under the radar.

Deaver does a good job from a techie perspective, though perhaps he gets a bit too involved in his explanations of games, blogs and the online world. As a web designer, I work all day in that world, so those explanations are not something that I really need. Thankfully it was not too intrusive or patronizing, and the story’s plot twist and reveals kept things moving at a nice pace.

Normally I prefer to read book series in order, and I didn’t realize that there were others with Kathryn Dance. I’ll probably pick those up to fill in the blanks, and I’ll look for the next one in this series.


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