Blogging a 5k – What Hashtag to Use?


No, not “jogging”, but “blogging.” I’m starting on a training regimen for a 5k in September, and though running will be involved, I’m also going to tweet and blog my progress. I need to do something to get motivated again.

In May I ran a half marathon. Yes, it’s true! It was a scorchingly hot day that day, and I ran it in just over three hours. I should have floated on the adrenalin high from that for some time, but instead I was completely dejected. I felt like I had 2 lead feet during the whole race. It was incredibly grueling and even though it was an unseasonably hot day – who would have thought that May 2 would have been 90 degrees (or even higher) – I felt like a failure.

Thirteen miles and I felt like a failure. What’s wrong with this?

Since that time, I’ve run less and less, until I am almost afraid to look down to see that my feet have become a dull shiny metal.

So I’m starting again with another goal, though not so lofty. On Sept 5, there’s a 5k in New Brunswick, the Jimmy D 5k, and I’m planning to run in that. Last year I ran in it, with a time of 33:09. That’s a 10:40 minute mile. My goal is to run in that 5k with a better time than last year. It’s that simple.

Along the way, I’ll look at blogging and the use of social media as a method of focusing a project.  So maybe not so simple.

The countdown on the site right now says 47 days. I’d better get going! Hmm, what hashtags to use?


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