Back on the Road


I got back on the road this morning. I stuck to my plan of running an easy 2.4 miles – that’s once around the loop I run in my neighborhood. It’s mostly sidewalks, with a few areas of pavement running. Knowing that I was going to tweet my pace and time at the end was fairly motivating, I must say.

At just about the halfway point in the run, the route goes uphill from its slight downhill slant, and that midway point is really tough. Today though, there was a teenaged boy with his two german shepherds. I’m not afraid of dogs by any means, but they barked and jumped all around when they spotted me. I picked up my pace at that, figuring that the faster I got out of there, the better. This is the kid that I encountered once before in this area with one of the dogs off-leash.

That day, the all-black german shepherd made a beeline straight for me, and it was quite intimidating. He was just happy to see me though, and he ran around me, barking. The kid ran over and grabbed the dog, and I think we were all freaked out a little bit.

As far as today’s run, man it was humid out! Heading out at 6:00 a.m. made it fairly cool, but I was drenched when I got back. And that’s not due to the sprinklers I ran through, as they were only knee-high.

Today I averaged a 12 minute mile, for a total of 29 minutes. I have to work on increasing my speed. And stamina. And everything!


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