Never Turn Your Head in Bridge Position


Today was a yoga day. I plan to incorporate yoga at least twice a week, but hopefully three times.  I first got into yoga when my friend Laura told me she was doing the workout on Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss by Gaiam. I was a little skeptical, but I checked my local library and found that they had a copy. This is a great way to do a trial run on a workout DVD without investing any money into it.

At that time I was able to request the DVD from another library and also renew it. I had that copy for 3 weeks before I finally returned it and bought my own copy. I didn’t regret that purchase.

What I like about the combined workout  is that it shows four women doing different modifications of the poses all at once. I initially started out following the intermediate level woman (Marnie?) entirely, but when I got better, watching all 4 together let me do different poses at different levels.

For example, this pose I just cannot make my arms do the full pose in the back – palm to palm, fingertips up. My arms are always too tight to do the advanced version, so I often just do the medium version where you just grab each elbow behind you. Today I did have to put my hands on my hips.

Extended Leg Stretch with hands in full position

Extended Leg Stretch with hands in full position

Extended Leg stretch, modified arms

Extended Leg stretch, modified arms

In quite a few poses today, I couldn’t stretch out the way I used to. I really want to be more limber. The achy stiffness of the previous couple of days stinks. Hopefully getting two yoga workouts per week (or more) will do the trick.

I do need to stretch more after my workouts, but that’s a topic for another post!


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