Running Safety: RoadID


When I get ready to run outdoors, I have a few pieces of equipment that I bring – iPod, phone, stopwatch, but none is as important as my RoadID.

My RoadID Wristband

My RoadID Wristband

RoadID is a really neat way to carry identification and emergency numbers with you, and still travel light. You purchase a nylon wristband and a customizable tag. I’ve engraved my name, hometown and year of birth, along with 3 different contact numbers and one other line. Your year of birth is recommended so that if you are unresponsive, EMT’s will know your age. This can help in treatment.

They also have an ankle version, and a shoe pouch along with a couple of other options.   Thankfully I have not had an emergency where someone needed to contact my family, but it’s reassuring to know that I have that with me whenever I’m running.

Can you see the last line on my RoadID? It is,  “Every run is a great run!”


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