Mswas’ CBR-III Review #23 – License to Pawn by Rick Harrison


Do you watch the History Channel show Pawn Stars? If so, you’ll really enjoy  License to Pawn: Deals, Steals, and My Life at the Gold & Silver by Rick Harrison.  Pawn Stars is a show about a family who runs a pawn shop in Las Vegas. The book License to Pawn is Harrison’s life story, with a couple of chapters by other people in the show.

Written in a conversational tone, Harrison tells a good tale of his life with severe epilepsy as a child, his upbringing,  the opening of the pawn shop, and the eventual beginnings of the TV show. Harrison’s good with people and though he did not finish his formal education (dropping out of high school at 10th grade), he’s well-read and a self-taught expert on many aspects of history. His tone in the book is wry, self-deprecating and funny. His perseverance in learning topics in which he was interested, and his perseverance in furthering the family business really are really on display in this book.

Chapters by Rick’s father, The Old Man, and employee Chumlee, add to the tale. Chumlee is often the butt of the joke on the show, but there’s more to this young guy than just the fat idiot  on TV. You can see why they keep him around.

The show’s funny and entertaining, with a dash – or more – of history. I recommend this book and the show.


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