Mswas’ CBR-III Review #28 – Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris


Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris

I’m always happy to see another Sookie Stackhouse novel on the library shelves, and Dead Reckoning by Charlaine Harris was no exception.   The eleventh book in the Southern Vampire series, Dead Reckoning finds two of Sookie’s fairy relatives, Claude and Dermot, living in her house. We find out a lot of the Stackhouse family past during this novel, as well.

In other storylines, Merlotte’s bar has been firebombed, Eric and Pam are plotting against their new master, and Sookie has someone who is trying to kill her at every turn.  Many characters from previous novels make an appearance in this book, and it was nice to hear from them all.

I saw some negative reviews on Amazon about this book, but while I  can see their points, I didn’t have any problem with the book while I was reading it. In fact, it made me realize how much I prefer the books to the HBO series, True Blood. The books are wittier and funnier, and we get to hear Sookie’s point of view more often.

I also saw that the series is supposed to end at 13 books, which will be a bit bittersweet for me. I hope the last two harken back to the earlier books in the series.


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