Mswas’ CBR-III Review #28 – Portrait of a Spy by Daniel Silva


Portrait of a Spy by Daniel Silva is the twelvth installment in his art restorer/spy Gabriel Allon series.  Gabriel Allon is a retired spy, focusing on the restoration of a painting – a hobby, but really his passion. While in London, Allon sees a man he believes to be a suicide bomber. After drawing his weapon on the man, he is tackled by London police and is thus unable to thwart the attack.  Called out of retirement by the head of Israel’s secret intelligence agency, Allon pus his former team back together to hunt down the mastermind responsible.

This series has always been a favorite of mine. A sympathetic character, Allon has lost a lot to terrorism. He’s passionate, skilled, and thoughtful, and his team would do anything for him.  The stories are taut and suspenseful, and Author Daniel Silva  always delivers a great story.

Portrait of a Spy follows the old formula, though, and is rather similar to a previous book in the series – especially with the introduction of a female civilian pressed into espionage at Allon’s request. I did enjoy catching up with the recurring characters, but it was a bit predictable. I do recommend the series, however, and as I always recommend in any series, start with the first book, The Kill Artist.


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