DDP Yoga: Beginning


I saw the video of Arthur Boorman (on reddit, I think…), and it’s pretty damned impressive.

Arthur’s transformation was because of DDP Yoga. I checked into it to see how much it was. Ouch $70.00? That seemed a bit much, so I held off.

Since the end of the summer I have been riding my bicycle in the mornings for aerobic exercise. It’s fairly clear that  the denatured alcohol shots I had for the Morton’s Neuroma in my foot didn’t really work, I know that running in a 5k is not going to happen any time soon. Foot surgery is probably in my future, but that will have to happen in the new year for various reasons.

With Hurricane Sandy having made a mess of the roads in the neighborhoods nearby, riding my bicycle before the sun comes up is probably not the best option for me. I was always a little nervous riding in the dark, and roads strewn with branches and other debris seem even more dangerous.

I looked again at DDPYoga and compared it to buying a stationary bike. Certainly it’s cheaper to get the yoga DVDs, and they are portable.  So I bit the bullet on payday last week.

As soon as my purchase went through, I received login information for Team DDP Yoga. Their section for beginners has a lot of information so you can get started even before the DVDs arrive. Very cool – and certainly motivating. There’s a welcome video from DDP thanking me for purchasing the DVDs (!), access to the program guide, and directions on how to start monitoring your progress (via photos and measurements). I’m reading through that now.

My overall impression so far is favorable. Stay tuned.


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