My Friend, Guy


I “met” Guy (or Protoguy)  a couple of years ago, when Dustin Rowles, editor of Pajiba, mentioned that there was a Pajiban struggling with cancer in need of some help. I headed over to Guy’s blog, Work in Progress, and found out that he was a pretty awesome artist in Chandler, Arizona who was getting screwed by Arizona’s laws about healthcare. Take a look at some of his work:







Running Through The Fields

Running Through The Fields

Last Greenseer

Last Greenseer from Game of Thrones

But Guy has cancer, and in 2011, his “I am the 99%” photo about his healthcare situation went a little viral on Facebook right in the middle of the Obamacare debates and was spotted on multiple Facebook pages about the debate.

What percentage is he now, when two years later, after being in remission, Guy was diagnosed with Autoimmune Dermatomyositis, a muscle disorder related to his cancer. The symptoms include muscle wasting, muscle and joint pain and, if untreated will lead to life in a wheelchair or bed. A week later, he was laid off. Two days later, he found out that Arizona has zero Medicaid coverage for adults without dependents. Even though Guy is a father, his daughter doesn’t count as a dependent in this case.

So here’s a talented person, who WAS working, but due to no fault of his own is now stuck. If you think this can’t happen to you, think again. You could get cancer. You could get laid off. And it doesn’t even have to be YOU. It could be your father, mother, sister, best friend, your son.

What can you do?  You can:

Or make your voice heard about healthcare in the United States.

I hope this never happens to you.


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