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Finally a good homepage header image


I found this cool image at istockphoto of polaroids on a clothesline. It came complete with clipping masks to be able to mask images to fit within the borders.


Need some oomph


Large portfolio image

Home page definitely needs something.  I do have an image of what could be a randomly pulled feature.  But that is rather small and not very eye-catching.

It’s better than the thumbnail version which is soooo small.

Thumbnail portfolio image

The problem is that a lot of these sites no longer exist with my designs. That is a big problem with portfolios. I have to look on my backup disks and see what kind of screen shots I have.


Blog header now matches site


Got rid of that crazy sphere picture that was on here. Put together a quick header with the background image from my website, logo and the “aka MsWas” line added. Now we are coordinated. One thing at a time…


Backing up and launching


I’m going to put my redesign live today this weekend. Right now backing up entire site to my external hard drive.

the old portfolio page will still be accessible – have to make sure that I don’t overwrite the existing CFM pages.

i can do a lot without even working on the db. my portfolio data really needs to be updated. I’m sure a lot of links are dead.


Mind, body, soul and web design


I’ve decided that those are going to be the new categories here, and I’m going to try to blog on topics within those divisions regularly – certainly at a much greater length than I’ve been writing so far.

That means I’ll have to carve out more time than I have right now!


Getting Google analytics


after about a million years, looked at the webstats on my site. How limited.

Off to get google analytics. Also need them for


Blog CSS annoyance


I wanted to match my blog to my website, but to show custom css here, i have to pay $14.97 a year. That is totally frickin’ annoying and aggravating. 

I guess I can follow lgesin’s blog format and put a header at the top that I like that is reminiscent of my site, but I was hoping for better integration between blog and site.

So I picked a theme that has a dark blue gradient background and a very strange picture at the top. It looks like a steel whiffleball that has light shining through it. Bet it would hurt to be tagged out with that ball!