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Blog CSS annoyance


I wanted to match my blog to my website, but to show custom css here, i have to pay $14.97 a year. That is totally frickin’ annoying and aggravating. 

I guess I can follow lgesin’s blog format and put a header at the top that I like that is reminiscent of my site, but I was hoping for better integration between blog and site.

So I picked a theme that has a dark blue gradient background and a very strange picture at the top. It looks like a steel whiffleball that has light shining through it. Bet it would hurt to be tagged out with that ball!


Filled up the gap with kludge


Very odd. When I define a border for the wrapper, it closes the gap.

I think that right now the footer is inside the wrapper but the header is not. I had followedsome crazy css to keep the footer at the bottom, but I think if I just stack all 3, then it will be at the bottom anyway.

Plus, there still isn’t enough included on each page that is similar. I need to put more in the includes.


That separation is killing me.


That separation on the homepage  is driving me insane. All the includes make it difficult to troubleshoot too. Thinking about completely redoing that. Have to get it working first!


RSS Success


Hooray! I did get the rss feed to pull from this blog and display on my site. A couple of minor changes and then that is done.

I converted the homepage to PHP and am using SimplePieto process. I still have to refine the CSS for the whole site, but at least it’s on the page, just with plain bullets. The other method that I tried were way too clunky, design-wise.

Next up, portfolio and featured project.