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Filled up the gap with kludge


Very odd. When I define a border for the wrapper, it closes the gap.

I think that right now the footer is inside the wrapper but the header is not. I had followedsome crazy css to keep the footer at the bottom, but I think if I just stack all 3, then it will be at the bottom anyway.

Plus, there still isn’t enough included on each page that is similar. I need to put more in the includes.


RSS Success


Hooray! I did get the rss feed to pull from this blog and display on my site. A couple of minor changes and then that is done.

I converted the homepage to PHP and am using SimplePieto process. I still have to refine the CSS for the whole site, but at least it’s on the page, just with plain bullets. The other method that I tried were way too clunky, design-wise.

Next up, portfolio and featured project.